A Celebration of Theo Wells

Tuesday, Feb 7th 2017 1pm - 2pm

UUCWI, 20103 State Route 525, Freeland, WA

Even as we gather to celebrate the 90 cycles of seasons of a remarkable woman, Theo
continues to gift us. Her latest offering, one of many to her fellow humans, is her book:

TAKE CARE OF Dying, GET ON WITH Living : End-of-Life Planning that Works

If you have been blessed by knowing Theo, come tell her. And if you ever expect to die, please come join her in conversation on a topic few of us discuss until it is too late. Who gets to determine your end-of-life experience? A stranger? A loved one? Or you yourself? Will you leave your loved ones wondering how best to support you, second guessing your wishes? Or will you provide them clear and loving instructions about your values and preferences?

Theo offers us the wisdom of a thoughful, well-informed elder who is not afraid to face challenging issues head-on. She well understands the gifts of living and the inevitability of dying. She will share, with her unique and charming humor and grace, how we can take control over the quality of own aging and dying, and how she, as an expert on the subject, personally plans to address death with dignity.

Please join us for food, music, a stimulating exchange of ideas and a celebration of this
extraordinary woman whom so many of us are honored to call friend.

Tuesday, February 7th 1 - 2pm. More Information: terria@whidbey.com


20103 State Route 525, Freeland WA